The Myth Slayer returns in his own program. Adam Savage will build real, working Iron Man armor

Adam Savage, known to the general public, especially from the cult program " Muggers of Myths ", will return to television screens. I can not wait!

The "Savage Builds" program will debut on Science Channel in June, and in it Adam Savage - with the help of friends of engineers, scientists and personalities from the world of science and film - will present the largest, most ambitious constructions in his entire career.

Savage Builds is a new program Mighty Slayer

Savage Builds is the culmination of ideas that have been swirling in Adam's mind for years.

As he admits in an interview with Hollywood Reporter , the program will create projects that he wanted to implement for a long time, but he never had the opportunity or the opportunity. In the implementation of crazy plans will help him such figures as:

  • Known viewers Slayers Myths Tory Belleci
  • The creator of "shit robot" Simone Giertz
  • NASA engineer Adam Steltzner
  • Director Peter Jackson
  • The creator of Gravity Jet Suit Richard Browning
  • The creator of film props (and not only) Laura Kampf

What will we see in Savage Builds ?

Of course we do not know everything, but according to the information provided by Hollywood Reporter and Savage himself, we will see, among others, real, working armor Iron Man, Panjandrum (rocket-powered roller from the time of World War II) and machine straight from Mad Max.

I must admit that for the Iron Man costume itself I would like to shout "give me this series". The most important, however, is the extraordinary personality of Adam Savage, who I have been following since the first episodes of Mugger Pogroms .

When the program came to an end, Adam moved his creative activity to his own Tested platform , where every week you can find a new podcast from the series "Still Untitled", watch Savage's one-day projects, or take a look behind the scenes of super-production and get to know the world of film props.

I can not say that I myself was an avid model-maker (this set of skills my mother unfortunately regretted), but as a longtime viewer of Mythos and Mythos, I am looking forward to the release of Savage Builds.

It is not known yet whether the broadcast of the program in Poland on one of the Discovery group's channels will coincide with the issue on the Science Channel in the United States, but it is certainly something to wait for. The unique combination of crazy ideas, intelligence, science and humor must result in something amazing.

The Myth Slayer returns in his own program. Adam Savage will build real, working Iron Man armor


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