Pixel Watch seems to have serious alarm clock problems

Google Pixel Watch headers

Some Pixel Watch owners have noticed that the alarms go off a few minutes late. Of course, that's not so nice, because you should be able to expect to be woken up on time.

The most common problem is that the alarms triggered by the Google clock app on the Pixel Watch go off after the scheduled time. The delay ranges from a minute to just under 10 minutes, while users even report that the alarms go off a few minutes earlier than scheduled.

It doesn't seem to be a constant or daily problem, but rather appears out of the blue. One commonality seems to be that these alarms are meant for waking up in the morning. As a result, the Pixel Watch was previously in sleep mode and/or in a period of inactivity.

Considering the length of time the reports have existed, this issue does not appear to be related to any specific software update.


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