Pixel Feature Drop March 2023 will finally be distributed

Pixel feature drop

The Google Pixel Feature Drop for March 2023 is finally here. While many expected the update to arrive last week, Google has now taken its time with it.

It's obviously better to get an update late than not to get one at all. Unfortunately, not all features come to us in Germany.

Pixel Feature Drop March 2023 Changelog

  • Fall detection for the Pixel Watch
  • Faster Night Sight
  • Direct My call
  • Health Connect
  • Magic eraser for all users
  • Multiple eSIM for Pixel 7
  • Synchronized timer
  • hold for me

Unfortunately, some of the functions of the March 2023 Feature Drop are not (yet) available in Germany, such as fall detection for Pixel Watch, Direct My Call for Pixel 4a and 5a and Hold for Me.

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