For the Mac: Brilliant app brings the technology of the future to the Apple computer

For the Mac: Brilliant app brings the technology of the future to the Apple computer

ChatGPT is just a click away: With MacGPT, a small tool is now available with which the OpenAI chatbot lands on macOS. The text robot is simply available in the menu bar and waits for input.

MacGPT: Quickly access ChatGPT

ChatGPT may only be a few months old, but some users can no longer imagine working without the hard-working text robot. A free tool is now available for early power users that provides quick access on the Mac via the menu bar (Source: Jordi Bruin at Gumroad). Alternatively, MacGPT can also be opened using a self-defined key combination if clicking on the menu takes too long.

MacGPT then opens in its own chat window and the conversation with the machine can begin. The prerequisite is that users are logged in to ChatGPT with their account. The tool works with both the free and paid versions of the chatbot. Existing chat histories can be viewed via the three-line icon in the app.

If necessary, the width of the menu view can be set individually in the MacGPT settings. Small, medium or wide are available here to choose from. Real power users can load MacGPT every time they start their Mac. The setting for this can be made in macOS in the system settings.

ChatGPT also only offers texts on macOS. However, artificial intelligence can also generate images, as our video shows:

MacGPT: AI tool for free or for a donation

Developer Jordi Bruin offers the macOS tool for ChatGPT for free . However, users can also send him a donation if they wish. The latest version of MacGPT (2.1) now also has an integrated auto-updater, which greatly simplifies future app updates.


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