Telekom is again giving away 500 MB of data volume in August 2022

Deutsche Telekom 500 MB free

Deutsche Telekom will be showing its generous side again in August 2022. Because this month there is again the 500 MB data volume as a gift for the users. In the meantime, however, Telekom could increase this a little. How about 1 GB?

The data gift continues to run and you can activate it again as usual in the MeinMagenta app. 500 MB for free on top of that is always a nice thing. If you can take it with you, it's enough to check a few emails or surf the web for an hour.

This offer applies to customers with prepaid cards as well as customers with a contract period. If the data gift is activated via the app, you will receive an SMS with the confirmation.

After activation, the data consumption will only be offset against the 500 MB given. When these are used up, the data volume of the tariff is calculated again. Unfortunately, unused data volume expires at the end, so you cannot continue to use it in the next month.

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