Offer: 60 GB LTE tariff for 24.99 euros

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Freenet now offers a whopping 60 GB of LTE for only 24.99 euros a month in the Telefónica o2 network. You can definitely get through the month more than easily. A lot of data volume for little money, every data junkie should be happy.

Unfortunately, there is no 5G in this tariff, but LTE with extremely fast 225 Mbit/s. Another plus is that you can even cancel the offer on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, the connection price of EUR 39.99 is no longer up to date.

The tariff details at a glance:

  • 60 GB data volume
  • Telefonica network
  • 225 Mbps
  • Telephony & SMS FLAT
  • VoLTE & WiFi calling
  • EU roaming
  • monthly cancellable
  • EUR 24.99/month
  • Connection price EUR 39.99

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