Android Auto has new system requirements

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Google changes requirements for Android Auto. Effective immediately, new system requirements are necessary for using Android Auto. Now at least Android 8.0 is required for the app to work.

"Coolwalk", the update announced for the summer, is still not here. Nevertheless, Google has now increased the system requirements . So far, at least Android 6.0 was required for use, now it is Android 8.0.

New Android Auto system requirements

  • A compatible Android smartphone with an active data plan, 5 GHz WiFi support and the latest version of the Android Auto app. Wireless transmission is possible with the following Android versions:
    • Smartphones running Android 11.0
    • Google or Samsung smartphones running Android 10.0
    • Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ or Note 8 running Android 9.0

With Wireless Android Auto, the Android version used must be much more up-to-date; at least Android 11.0 is required here.


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