Android Auto continues to cause massive problems

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Android Auto continues to cause massive problems. Many users report after they have installed the update to version 7.8.6. Displaying the "phone not compatible" error.

In the last few days, Android Auto 7.8.6 has been rolled out to users around the world, and it seems to cause major problems for some users. Google's support forums have over 100 reports from users where Android Auto has stopped working in the last few days.

The issue seems to affect dozens of different smartphone models from multiple manufacturers, so it's not limited to one manufacturer or specific model.

The most common message users see when pairing their device through the Android Auto app is "Phone not compatible". The problem seems to be independent of the Android version and only related to the Android Auto 7.8.6 update.

Google, meanwhile, has asked for more specifics on the user reports, including the Android Auto version number, smartphone model, car make/model, and other relevant data. It is not known when a fix will come.


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