Amazon Prime: New prices apply immediately

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At the end of July, Amazon announced that it would increase prices for its Prime members from September 15th. But now it's faster, because the new price applies to new customers with immediate effect.

The monthly fee for a Prime membership will then increase from EUR 7.99 to EUR 8.99. With annual payment, the price increases from EUR 69.00 to EUR 89.90. Students also have to dig deeper into their pockets. EUR 4.99 instead of EUR 3.99 per month will then be due there. With an annual payment, you will then have to pay EUR 44.90 instead of EUR 34.00.

The new prices for new customers are effective immediately. And Amazon accommodates them, because the first 30 days of membership are free of charge. So the new tariff will really only take effect there from September 15th.

Existing customers will only pay the new price when a new billing cycle starts for them. So many will still get the old price next year if they were annual payers.

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