Amazon Deals: Solar panels, power storage, microSD cards & more at rock-bottom prices

Amazon Deals: Solar panels, power storage, microSD cards & more at rock-bottom prices

Amazon has some strong bargains in store right now. This week's top offers include foldable solar panels and power storage from Jackery, microSD cards from Samsung and much more. We list the currently best deals.

Often only available for a short time and sold out just as quickly: With the daily Amazon offers , you sometimes have to grab them within a very short time. Prime customers have it a little easier, seeing lightning deals 30 minutes before everyone else. You can test Amazon Prime for 30 days free of charge . We describe the costs and advantages of Prime in a separate article. So that you don't miss anything, we regularly tell you the best deals here.

Current top offers from all categories on Amazon

Despite high discounts, Amazon is not always the cheapest. We took a close look at the current offers and compared the prices with those of other retailers. The following products are available at current best online prices (source:

Also on sale at Amazon

In addition, Amazon currently has the following promotions to offer:

Amazon devices with a discount of up to 179 euros. Amazon Music Unlimited 3 months completely free . Audible: 60 days free for Prime customers or 6 months for EUR 4.95 for Prime Student members.

What advantages does Amazon Prime offer? Here you can see the most important features summarized in the video :

But even without Prime you can save a lot on Amazon:


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