After Motorola: OnePlus also cancels the release event

OnePlus logo

OnePlus had scheduled a launch event for today, August 3rd, to introduce its new smartphone, dubbed the OnePlus Ace Pro, to the Chinese market. But like Motorola yesterday, OnePlus also canceled the release in China.

Now OnePlus has announced on Weibo that the launch event has been postponed and all activities related to the event have been cancelled. OnePlus has not yet announced the reason for the postponement of the launch event.

OnePlus will be making another announcement soon that aims to reveal more information. It is not yet known if only the Chinese launch event has been postponed or if the launch of the OnePlus 10T for global markets has also been postponed.

There are suspicions that the cancellation is related to US politician Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan. An official confirmation should be awaited.

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