WhatsApp makes new function useless again

WhatsApp makes new function useless again

WhatsApp introduced self-deleting messages a while back. You can use it to send messages, photos and videos that are automatically deleted after a certain period of time. Now it has become known that WhatsApp wants to overturn the function directly.

WhatsApp: Recover self-deleting messages

Actually, self-deleting messages in WhatsApp are there not to be kept. Messages, photos and videos are sent that are not intended for permanent receipt. When WhatsApp introduced the feature some time ago, there was great enthusiasm. Although it is also possible to take a screenshot of self-deleting messages, the messages are generally deleted automatically after the set time. At least you are now. WhatsApp wants to change that.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a way to undo self-deleting messages . This basically completely undermines this function and makes it superfluous. Everyone should be able to pick up messages that are supposed to delete themselves. Only admins can limit this to some extent in group chats. It is not known whether there will be a general limit on messages that can be kept. As the feature is currently under development, all of this is subject to change over time.

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When will the new WhatsApp feature appear?

This is currently unknown. The new feature to keep self-deleting messages appeared in the beta version of WhatsApp for desktop and you can't use it there yet. The details of the feature are also subject to change over time. The feature will not only appear for the desktop, but also for all other platforms such as Android and iOS. As soon as something happens, we will inform you.


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