Thunderbird 102.1.0 released

Mozilla Thunderbird logo

The popular mail app Thunderbird is now available in one version. Thunderbird 102.1.0 is now available for download and installation. Just check and then install the new version.

Thunderbird 102.1.0 is now available for Windows from version 7, macOS from version 10.12 and Linux from GTK+ 3.14. The latest version for the mail client now brings a few bug fixes for security vulnerabilities.

Thunderbird 102.1.0 Changelog


  • Activity Manager did not display POP message downloads
  • Mail Folder Properties dialog was not sized correctly, cutting off contents
  • Expired news messages did not display an error
  • Calendar Column Picker closed prematurely after selecting/deselecting a single column
  • Various UI improvements
  • Various security fixes


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