Nova Launcher 8 Beta is available for testing

Nova launcher logo

The Nova Launcher 8 is now in the first beta. Interested users can now extensively test the latest version of the launcher. It aims to offer a "new" launcher experience with Material You, custom colors, new settings, new gestures and more.

The changelog is quite short, while the settings page is completely new with separate "Settings" and "Style" pages, and you can choose all colors to get even more Android 12/13 feeling.

Nova Launcher 8 Changelog

  • Material You – Custom color schemes based on wallpaper colors
  • Redesigned Nova Settings
  • New swipe left/right desktop gestures
  • Align Bottom immersive folders
  • Rebased on Launcher3 Android 12L
  • Android 13 fixes

If you are interested in testing, you can download the Nova Launcher 8 Beta here .

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