Nokia wins against Oppo and OnePlus in court

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The Mannheim Regional Court upholds Nokia in a patent dispute with Oppo. Nokia sued Oppo in four different countries last year. Oppo then sued Nokia in 9 different countries.

Of course, it's once again about patents that Oppo and OnePlus use without paying for them. It is about patents related to 4G (LTE) and 5G Standard Essential Patents (SEPs). Nokia had sued Oppo in this regard before the three German district courts of Mannheim, Munich and Düsseldorf.

Nokia is a leader in 5G SEPs and has invested a total of €129 billion in its R&D over the years of its business. And they hold some of the most coveted patents in the industry. Mercedes and Lenovo have already had to accept this.

In the dispute with Oppo, Nokia obtained an injunction from the district court in Mannheim, which ultimately led to a ban on Oppo and OnePlus products in Germany. Oppo's objection to this has now been dismissed by the Mannheim judge.


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