Google does not use Android 13L

Android 13 logo

Google had surprisingly released a "sub-upgrade" for Android 12 called Android 12L. This should be specially optimized for foldable devices and devices with large screens. With Android 13, however, this extra upgrade is no longer necessary.

You can already read how Android 14 will continue. Corresponding entries have already been found in the source codes. You can see that API level 33 is already reserved for Android 13 and API level 34 for Android 14.

This means that there is no space at all for a possible Android 13L, since the corresponding API levels have already been reserved. And another reason speaks against Android 13L. Because Android 13 will already have all the improvements of Android 12L, so Android 13L would not be necessary.

Of course, it is possible that an "L" upgrade will appear again with Android 14 or a later version.


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