Apple: We would like WhatsApp to have this clever iMessage function too

Apple: We would like WhatsApp to have this clever iMessage function too

Apple has released a new beta for iOS 16. There is a small function for iMessage that can be used by other messengers like WhatsApp. It provides more clarity when writing if users hurry.

Apple: iMessage shows revisions

With iOS 16, Apple is introducing the option of subsequently correcting or deleting messages sent via iMessage. For example, spelling mistakes can be corrected quickly. If you change your mind and don't want the message to reach the recipient, you can delete it.

In the fourth beta version of iOS that has just been released, there has been a change that would certainly make a good impression on WhatsApp and other messengers. Not only can users edit messages, but the recipient can also view the original message . Up to five edits are possible. Users have 15 minutes to correct messages. Older versions of the message are grayed out.

The delete function is different. Apple has changed its mind here and now only gives users two minutes instead of 15 (source: 9to5Mac). So you have to act much faster with the new beta of iOS 16 than was the case with previous versions.

To install a beta version of iOS:

iOS 16 does not appear for all iPhones

Apple put some older iPhones on the back burner when announcing the next version of iOS. It must be at least iPhone 8 or iPhone SE second generation to install iOS 16. An iPhone 6s (Plus), iPhone SE of the first generation or iPhone 7 (Plus) is no longer enough. iOS 16 is expected to be released in mid or late September 2022.


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