WhatsApp under pressure: EU issues Messenger last ultimatum

WhatsApp under pressure: EU issues Messenger last ultimatum

WhatsApp's terms of service have been a real point of contention for years. The conflict between Meta and the EU Commission is now reaching a new high, as an ultimatum has been issued. If WhatsApp does not bow to the demands, it could have bad consequences.

EU Commission issues WhatsApp ultimatum

WhatsApp's terms of service have been a hot topic in 2021 as the company has written new terms of service that all users of the messenger should agree to. WhatsApp even went so far as to say that users should be blocked from functions if they do not consent at a certain point in time. This did not happen, but WhatsApp regularly asked for it in the app and demanded that users agree to the new terms of use. It's been quiet on the subject for a long time - until now. The EU Commission wants clarity (source: EU Commission).

WhatsApp has one month to write the terms of service, which were introduced in May 2021, in a way that all users understand them. WhatsApp must also explain whether and how the user data will be used commercially. It is therefore not enough for the EU Commission that WhatsApp informs its users about changes in the app. The Terms of Use create more confusion than clarity . That is exactly what should change.

There are WhatsApp alternatives that make it all better:

What happens to WhatsApp after the ultimatum expires?

That is the big question that the EU Commission does not answer publicly. Does non-compliance threaten a WhatsApp ban? Probably not. A fine would be much more likely if WhatsApp or the parent company Meta did not comply with the requirement. There is no official statement from WhatsApp yet.


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