Pixel Watch battery life isn t meant to be outstanding

Google Pixel Watch

A longer battery life is probably the most important feature for many users of a smartwatch. The watches from Apple, Samsung & Co. don't exactly shine with it. And it looks like Google's upcoming Pixel Watch won't set any new records either.

The upcoming Pixel Watch should have a battery size of just under 300 mAh. And so it should already be clear that the battery life of the smartwatch should not be outstanding.

Google will build a sleek and sleek-looking smartwatch with lots of new features, but won't dare to experiment with battery life. Without sacrificing the functions, the watch should be able to last a whole day.

The same source gave estimated load times for the Pixel Watch, which are a bit disappointing. The Pixel Watch is said to take around 110 minutes to fully charge from 0-100 percent.


The Pixel Watch battery life shouldn't be great post first appeared on xiaomist's blog .


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