{Disarmed} Your Xiaomi TV is also a smart speaker even when it s turned off

Your Xiaomi TV is also a smart speaker even when it's turned off

We have already talked on many occasions about the multiple functionalities that Xiaomi televisions have . Well, today we are going to tell you how you can make your TV become a smart speaker even when it is turned off.

The voice assistant at the touch of "Ok, Google"


If you don't have a smart speaker in your living room, don't worry, you can use your TV even when it's off.

Xiaomi televisions include a microphone right at the bottom , unlike other manufacturers that include it in the remote, through which we can control our home and interact with the Google assistant without having to turn on the television.

You just have to say " Ok, Google " and interact with it as if it were a conventional speaker. To turn off the microphone, we will only have to click on the "On/Off microphone" button .

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We must bear in mind that the microphone indicates when it is listening to us through some LEDs that light up and in which different animations are shown to know that it has heard us and is processing the response.

The speakers used in this case are those of the television itself . In fact, we can make the TV play Spotify music by sending it from the device itself, although in this case it will turn on the panel.

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It is not a definitive solution, but it is very useful for those who want to always have an assistant at hand with which to control the home automation of your home or program actions as simple as a timer.

In our experience, for this to work best, it is always recommended to quit all open apps and leave the PatchWall customization layer right before turning it off.

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