AAWireless has started its own online shop


Little surprise for the weekend. AAWireless has now started its own online shop . So far, the wireless Android Auto dongle could only be purchased from Indiegogo. Now comes the next big step.

AAWireless can be connected to a vehicle's entertainment system via a USB port and then to a smartphone via WiFi. This means that you no longer have to connect your smartphone to a USB cable if you want to use Android Auto. Even for cars that do not yet support wireless Android Auto.

At the moment, however, you cannot use the online shop from Germany, you will still be redirected to the Indiegogo page of AAWireless. But we should also make the final switch to our own online shop in the next few weeks.

AAWireless is easy to install and works perfectly for me. And it makes it much more convenient to use Android Auto wirelessly if the car manufacturer doesn't offer it.

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  1. Creo que Xiaomi tiene un problema con este cacharro. Se desconecta cada dos por tres. Solo problemas con esta marca


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