Xiaomi and Lenovo: delivery stop to Russia or not?

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Since the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine, there have been numerous manufacturers who no longer deliver to Russia. Now there are conflicting reports about two Chinese manufacturers, Xiaomi and Lenovo. Do they still deliver to Russia or not?

A few days ago, The Wall Street Journal claimed that some Chinese companies stopped shipping to Russia due to sanctions and pressure from US suppliers. According to the report, the companies are also Xiaomi and Lenovo.

In a counter-report, however, Kommersant claims that the report is not true. Kommersant refutes the Wall Street Journal's claims, citing IT expert Sergey Vilyanov. This claims that deliveries of Lenovo and Xiaomi devices were suspended in March for logistical reasons. In the meantime, however, all problems with logistics and payments have been solved.

As for the reports about Lenovo and Xiaomi, there are no official statements from these companies. It would be best to get an official reply from them to know what the status is now.

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