WhatsApp has a gift for all Stranger Things fans

WhatsApp has a gift for all Stranger Things fans

At the start of the first part of Stranger Things Season 4 on Netflix, WhatsApp has something to give away. This allows you to express the hype about the series with your family and friends directly in the chat.

WhatsApp is giving away a Stranger Things sticker pack

Of course, many of you know that the new season of Stranger Things starts today on Netflix. WhatsApp took this as an opportunity and designed a nice sticker pack that can be downloaded free of charge in Messenger. Included are eleven stickers - obviously because of Elfie - depicting the stars of the series in different situations. Then it looks like this:

Of course, you can argue about the look of the individual stickers, but if you want to celebrate the start of the new season of Stranger Things today, then the stickers will definitely work well in chat. At 2.2 MB, the WhatsApp stickers hardly take up any space on your smartphone . Works on both Android devices and iPhone. So there are no restrictions on availability here.

View Stranger Things WhatsApp stickers

Once you have downloaded the stickers in WhatsApp, you can use them directly in the chat. You can also search for the sticker pack directly in WhatsApp, but according to WABetaInfo it may not be available directly from you, so you can use the direct link above to download it immediately.

If you no longer like WhatsApp, we have summarized the best alternatives for you in the video:

Selection of stickers for WhatsApp is growing

Since WhatsApp integrated the sticker function into Messenger, the selection has grown steadily. You can now find suitable pictures for almost all topics that you can send. If you're creative, you can even make stickers yourself.


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