WhatsApp gets a filter function: That will soon change for you

WhatsApp gets a filter function: That will soon change for you

Some time ago, WhatsApp introduced a practical filter function for chats for business customers. Many have wondered why this feature has not been released for normal users as well. The good news is that the feature is actually coming and it should change things for you.

WhatsApp will soon integrate a filter function for chats

The new filter function for chats in WhatsApp is basically self-explanatory. You can set certain parameters according to which the content of chats is filtered. Anything that doesn't pass the filter will not be displayed. In the WhatsApp example, you can currently filter for the following content :

Unread Messages Contacts Non-Contacts Groups

The filter function of WhatsApp is of course very practical, especially in chats with many members. If you don't want to read the messages from all members, but only from one person, you can search for the contact. Or you can read through the messages of everyone you haven't saved as contacts. In addition, only the messages you have not read can be displayed. You'll never miss a message again that you might otherwise have missed .

These are the best WhatsApp alternatives:

What exactly is changing for you in WhatsApp?

Next to the ability to filter chats, you'll see a new icon . WABetaInfo shared:

In contrast to WhatsApp business users, the filter function is permanently displayed for normal users, so that the filter can be used quickly. So if at some point the filter function is integrated, then you will know directly what this symbol is about. The function is still under development. It will certainly be some time before you can really use the filter function.


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