MagentaMobil prepaid with more data volume from May 17th

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Somewhat surprisingly, Telekom has now tweaked the prepaid tariffs. From May 17th you will get more data volume in the MagentaMobil Prepaid M, MagentaMobil Prepaid L and MagentaMobil Prepaid XL tariffs.

What is also new is that all prepaid tariffs from MagentaMobil Prepaid M are equipped with 5G and you no longer have to book the 5G option that is subject to a fee. Unfortunately, the 5G activation only applies directly to the Telekom tariffs, D1 prepaid cards from third-party providers are excluded. The new data volumes in the tariffs are then as follows:

  • MagentaMobil Prepaid M: 3 GB for EUR 9.95 / 28 days
  • MagentaMobil Prepaid L: 5 GB for EUR 14.95 / 28 days
  • MagentaMobil Prepaid XL: 7 GB for EUR 24.95 / 28 days

The smallest tariff variant MagentaMobil Prepaid S now includes a mini data volume of 500 MB per 28 days and is also a little more expensive at EUR 4.95 / 28 days.

MagentaMobil Prepaid Max remains unchanged with unlimited data volume throughout Germany. The tariff continues to cost EUR 99.95 for a four-week billing period.

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