iPhone 14 delayed: China thwarts Apple s plans

iPhone 14 delayed: China thwarts Apple s plans

At least one model of the iPhone 14 series could appear later than planned. Lockdowns and China's zero-Covid policy are causing the likely delay, insiders say. Apple is said to be several weeks behind schedule.

iPhone 14: A model delay is feared

Apple's problems surrounding the zero-Covid policy and the ongoing lockdowns in China continue. As Asian media reports, the production of one of the iPhone 14 models is now three weeks late .

All models are currently in the EVT (Engineering Verification Test) phase, during which Apple is working with suppliers to adjust production lines and calculate manufacturing costs. Typically, the EVT phase is completed by the end of June , allowing mass production to be completed by late August or early September.

According to an unnamed insider, it will be difficult for Apple to make up for lost time . However, the group is said to be working "around the clock" to speed up development (source: Nikkei Asia).

It remains unclear which iPhone 14 this is. Delays are nothing new for Apple , as the iPhone 12 has shown. The first 5G iPhone was not presented in September as usual, but only in October due to delays caused by the pandemic.

Everything about the current iPhone 13 in the video:

iPhone 14: China problems are increasing

Apple is said to be looking to other countries because of the ongoing corona difficulties in China. In the future, production could at least partially take place in India and Vietnam.

There are not only problems with the iPhone, because the production of the MacBook Pro also remains restricted. This is noticeable with longer delivery times.


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