Disney+ has nearly 138 million subscribers

Disney+ logo

Disney+ continues to grow rapidly. As the streaming service has now announced, it now has almost 138 million subscribers. To be precise, it's 137.9 million users. And in the last quarter alone, 7.9 million new users were added.

Like no other streaming service, Disney+ has probably benefited from Corona. You came (unfortunately) at exactly the right time, so that many users at home decided to subscribe. The free trial month at the beginning should also have helped to retain many users.

The business figures also look splendid. Operating income was $3.7 billion and total sales increased to $20 billion. Both results significantly exceed those of the previous year.

Disney+ has set itself the goal of reaching 240 to 260 million users by 2024. Already, if you add ESPN+ and Hulu, the service has almost 206 million subscribers. So could it be done?

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