Android Auto version 7.7 available

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Google has given Android Auto a new version. Version 7.7 is now available. Unfortunately, Google doesn't really tell us what's new, because Android Auto is a bit sparse with the changelogs.

Android Auto now receives monthly updates from Google. Again and again something seems to be improved or changed under the hood, but unfortunately Google doesn't let us participate because there are no changelogs.

The Android Auto 7.7 beta was already available in the last few days, there were improvements on the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, which probably messed around a bit with the last version. The following new features were also introduced in the beta:

  • Improved Do Not Disturb functionality.
  • Dark mode on car UI is now phone independent.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.

In the summer, the first big change/improvement with a new interface should finally appear with "Coolwalk".

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