Android 13 will feature Huawei s technology

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Huawei phones were replaced by the HarmonyOS 2.0 system, but before that, Huawei developed a lot of exciting software for Android.

According to Esper's report, Google plans to make EROFS the default file system of Android 13 system partition. This information comes from Mishaal Rahman.

It is reported that Huawei previously released the super file system EROFS, dubbed Enhanced Read-Only File System, which has been deployed on Huawei phones since EMUI 9.

The advantage of EROFS is faster application launching. According to data released by Huawei, the random read performance of the system partition is improved by 20 percent on average, and the system's disk space footprint is reduced by 14 percent. In addition, the previous Linux kernel version 5.4 officially integrated Huawei's open-source EROFS into the mainline.


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