Xiaomi says: That s why Android phones are slowed down

Xiaomi says: That s why Android phones are slowed down

No smartphone manufacturer seems safe anymore. After Samsung was blown, Xiaomi is now following suit. The Chinese company is said to use software on its smartphones that throttles the performance of certain apps, while full performance is available in the benchmark. That has consequences. The Chinese manufacturer has now made a statement.

Xiaomi throttles certain Android apps

Update of April 01, 2022: After a few days of silence, Xiaomi has sent a statement to the Android Authority colleagues :

Xiaomi applies temperature control strategies to ensure optimal product experience, particularly with demanding applications commonly used for extended periods. In many of our devices, we offer three performance modes, enabling users to adjust the balance of performance and power efficiency. At a system level, all optimizations related to application performance weigh many essential factors, such as power consumption, performance, and thermal impact.

Basically, Xiaomi confirms the allegations. The Chinese company applies " temperature control strategies to ensure an optimal product experience, especially in demanding applications that are often used for long periods of time". At the same time, Xiaomi also says that in many smartphones you have different power modes to choose from, whether full power is being used. It goes on to say that the software "weighs, at the system level, all optimizations related to application performance against many key factors, such as: E.g. power consumption, performance and thermal effects."

Why the performance isn't cut in benchmarks was not answered. This is how a high level of performance is conveyed that cannot be achieved at all. Android Authority asked Xiaomi for exactly that again. Basically, benchmarks reflect exactly that. One would like to know how high the performance of a smartphone is under full load . This status is usually reached when playing complex games. The fact that the benchmark only runs for a short time must not falsify the results. Incidentally, we have not yet received any explanation from Xiaomi. Just confirmation that we should get one. That was on March 29th.

Original article:

One might get the impression that smartphone makers aren't learning from the mistakes of other companies. As early as 2021, OnePlus was convicted of throttling certain Android apps. Samsung got caught just a few weeks ago, so that an investigation was even launched against the company in its home country. Now it hits Xiaomi - with exactly the same story. The colleagues from Android Police examined the performance of the new Xiaomi 12 smartphones and found that certain Android apps are throttled there .

The Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12X were tested. This is interesting because the 12 Pro uses a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, while the 12X uses the older Snapdragon 888. Android Police found the 12 Pro throttled by up to 50 percent in single-core performance . With the 12X it's a little less. For this purpose, the Geekbench benchmark was disguised so that the smartphone does not recognize it as a benchmark where the full performance is available. In this obfuscated mode, performance was much worse. The power cap does not affect multi-core performance. This is where the throttle differs from that of Samsung.

The Xiaomi 12 Pro made a good first impression:

Geekbench kicks out Xiaomi smartphones

Just like with Samsung, Geekbench will draw conclusions from this. According to Android Police, Xiaomi smartphones should disappear from the leaderboards by the end of the week because they are misleading consumers. The full performance is available in the benchmark, while it cannot be called up at all in normal use. They are still investigating which Xiaomi smartphones are affected and will remove them.

We asked Xiaomi for a statement and will publish the official statement here in the article.


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