WhatsApp restricts group chats: you can t do that anymore

WhatsApp restricts group chats: you can t do that anymore

If you use WhatsApp a lot and communicate intensively in group chats, you will soon have a problem. Sharing in group chats is limited for users of both Android smartphones and iPhones. WhatsApp wants to solve such a big problem.

WhatsApp limits forwarding to group chats

There are many freedoms in WhatsApp. This ensures that people take advantage of them. That's why the company is reacting and restricting the forwarding of messages in group chats properly. So far, you can share to multiple group chats at the same time. This option will soon be gone. The limit has already been introduced in the beta versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS. If you try to share something to several groups at the same time, it will no longer work. Forwarding is restricted to one group (source: WABetaInfo).

The limit initially affects WhatsApp users of the latest beta versions. They can already no longer share that much. This restriction will certainly be changed to the final versions in the near future. The aim is to prevent fake news from spreading so quickly. If you now want to share false information via WhatsApp, you have to put in a lot more effort. This applies primarily to messages that have already been forwarded once. Especially then the risk is very high that the message that has already been forwarded has not even been read by the person forwarding it and has simply been forwarded.

The best WhatsApp alternatives at a glance:

WhatsApp drills voice messages properly

While WhatsApp restricts one function, there are six new functions for voice messages. This eliminates many disadvantages when sending voice messages. You will soon be able to listen to voice messages while leaving the chat with the person or group. You can also pause the recording of voice messages. This means there are no unnecessary pauses that annoy the recipient.


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