Sparkasse app: New function makes it easier to withdraw money from ATMs

Sparkasse app: New function makes it easier to withdraw money from ATMs

Savings bank customers who would like to use their giro card but don't want to do without cash can be happy: With immediate effect, it should also be possible to withdraw money without a card using the app. It remains to be seen whether the timing was a favor or whether it was much too late.

Withdrawing money made easy: Sparkasse brings a new function to your smartphone

According to reports, a new function is now available for savings bank customers. If you want, you can use it to withdraw money without having your giro card with you. Not all ATMs are suitable for this type of payment. But those who depend on it can now find an additional way to easily get cash.

Caschy's blog first reported on the new feature for Sparkasse customers. You can therefore withdraw cash from NFC-enabled machines. The savings banks had already started to equip the devices with an NFC reader. So far, however, this could only be used with cards that support contactless payments.

Now the physical card is no longer needed. If you have digitally stored your Sparkasse card in your smartphone instead, you can simply hold the cell phone against the NFC interface. The withdrawal of money then runs exactly as usual. The PIN must still be entered for verification . Free limits without a PIN, as with contactless payments, are therefore not planned.

If you want to use the function, you need the Sparkasse 's "Mobile Payments" app on Android smartphones . Apple customers, on the other hand, could deposit the giro card in Apple Pay on the iPhone . The corresponding apps would only have to be activated when withdrawing before the usual payout process starts.

There is now one more reason for Sparkasse customers to make mobile payments:

Savings bank function: long since abolished at Volksbanken

This feature may be useful for some people, especially if you are used to not using your bank card anyway. In contrast to other innovations in the Sparkasse app, there is reason to doubt the usefulness of this.

A look at the competition shows that the Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken had been offering a very similar function for years - but with a few more intermediate steps, which could have damaged the practical use. Almost at the same time as the savings banks started, the cooperative banks are now discontinuing their counterparts – according to their own statement, because hardly anyone has used it.


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