Samsung distributes huge Android update for smartphone darling

Samsung distributes huge Android update for smartphone darling

After Samsung updated its top smartphones of the last few years to Android 12 and the new interface, the middle class is now following. One of the company's most important smartphones is also included. It's about the Samsung Galaxy A51.

Samsung Galaxy A51 gets update to Android 12

The Galaxy A53 is already coming onto the market with Android 12, the Galaxy A52 was updated a few weeks ago and now it's the turn of the 2019 model Galaxy A51. Although the smartphone has been on the market for more than two years , Samsung has now started distributing the update to Android 12 with the "One UI 4.1" (source: SamMobile). The huge software update brings the older mid-range smartphone up to the level of the Galaxy S22.

As is usual with Samsung, the rollout will initially begin in certain regions. With the Samsung Galaxy A51, these include the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and Russia. There, the owners can already look forward to the update today. If no problems arise, the rollout will be extended to other countries. It shouldn't be long before the Samsung Galaxy A51 is also supplied with Android 12 in Germany. The 5G version of the Galaxy A51 should follow in April . It is quite possible that we will then update all versions at the same time.

What's changing on your Samsung Galaxy A51 with the Android 12 update:

Samsung tirelessly delivers Android updates

If you own a Samsung smartphone, you can be sure that the devices will be supplied with Android updates for years. While the competition only occasionally promises updates, which then also take a long time to be implemented, even Samsung's middle class is supplied for five years. No other manufacturer offers this. So if you want to be on the safe side for many years, you should consider a Samsung smartphone. There are currently no alternatives with regard to updates.


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