Quick Remove: This free Android app steals your banking information

Quick Remove: This free Android app steals your banking information

If you don't pay attention for a moment - the bank details are gone. This horror idea could soon become a reality for many smartphone owners. A QR code app that has already been downloaded more than 10,000 times can steal bank details. It should be deleted from the phone immediately.

Android app can steal your bank details and more

Again and again there are cases in which it becomes known that Android apps, which should never have ended up in the Google Play Store, contain malware and infect smartphones and tablets. This is exactly what happened with a QR code scanner that was downloaded over 10,000 times . The problem is that the attackers were extremely intelligent. The Android app itself was harmless. The app only became dangerous with the subsequent installation (source: Cleafy).

The banking Trojan "Teabot" was previously used for phishing via SMS. Now it is also used in Android apps. In this case, it was additionally installed via the app after the security mechanisms of the Google Play Store had already been overcome with the harmless QR code scanner app. The app called "QR Code & Barcode Scanner" is affected, which Google has since removed. If you are unsure, then uninstall your QR code scanner app with this or a similar name and simply install another app from the Play Store, which should probably be safe. If you have not installed any other app via the QR code app, you are on the safe side.

How to protect yourself from malware:

Antivirus programs overlook the danger

If you have an antivirus program installed on your smartphone or tablet, you should not feel safe. Because if you have agreed to the installation and access to the app, the antivirus program can no longer do anything either . That's why you should take a close look at each app, how it behaves and what permissions you release. Once the Trojan is on it, it can access all personal data and access to apps. So if you are supposed to install additional things via an app that do not come from the Google Play Store, you should always be careful.


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