Pixel Watch: First real look at Google s smartwatch

The Google Pixel Watch is arguably the most anticipated smartwatch in years. There have always been leaks, but so far no official word from Google. The latest leak comes from tipster Evan Blass, who posted an exclusive image of the display of the so-called Pixel Watch.

The image that emerged doesn't look very different from the one revealed by Jon Prosser in May last year. However, we see the display more clearly. There are three icons on the smartwatch screen. One is for the pedometer, another for the current heart rate and the one in the middle indicates the wearable's Fitbit integration.

We can also take a closer look at the watch's rotating crown. Beyond that, the picture doesn't tell us anything else about the supposed Pixel Watch.

It seems Google is preparing to list the device on the Google Store as it now has its own watch section. All eyes are now on Google I/O 2022 and whether the Pixel Watch will be unveiled at the event.


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