Not on Netflix: Only here is the Oscar-winning film available for free

Not on Netflix: Only here is the Oscar-winning film available for free

The 2022 Oscars were special. Above all, the best film of the year was ultimately a surprise for many cinema experts, because it was not actually shown in cinemas in this country. If you want, you can now watch it at home for free. xiaomist reveals where and how this works – we've been looking in vain for Netflix.

A premiere at the Oscars, because for the first time this year the "Best Film" award did not go to a classic cinema film, but to a work by a streaming provider. The coveted title was won by the family drama "Coda" and ultimately by Apple TV+. Coda also ran in selected US cinemas at the same time, but in this country the film was and is only available on Apple TV+. By the way, competitor Netflix got nothing. The streaming provider had two nominees in the same category, but you had to admit defeat.

Watch Oscar winners for free: Not on Netflix, but on Apple TV+

But how can you watch "Coda" for free? Not on Netflix, as already mentioned, the film is available exclusively on Apple TV+, the iPhone manufacturer's streaming service . But you don't necessarily need the same, because Apple TV+ can also be used online via the browser and thus also on Android smartphones, apps are also available for non-Apple devices, for example for Fire TV from Amazon or for various Smart -TVs from Samsung or LG.

There is a little taste of "Coda" in the trailer:

Apple TV+ normally costs 4.99 euros per month, but there are also ways to access it for free, at least temporarily:

Option 1 – the free trial subscription: If you want, you can try out Apple TV+ for 7 days free of charge. Simply register and treat yourself to "Coda" and other exclusive films and series (watch on Apple). Option 2 – the extended trial subscription: If you don't just want to use Apple TV+ for 7 days, but rather a few months free of charge, you have to secure the extended trial subscription. For example, buyers of a qualifying Apple device get three months access to Apple TV+. The same applies to PlayStation 4 buyers and Sky Q subscribers (see Sky). If you buy a PlayStation 5, you can stream for 6 months free of charge. Option 3 - Apple Music for students: Those who study are lucky. In addition to the cheaper Apple Music subscription (EUR 4.99 instead of EUR 9.99 per month), he also gets Apple TV+ free of charge.

Important: Don't forget to cancel the subscription in good time if necessary. But not too early either, because anyone who cancels the free trial subscription to Apple TV+ immediately loses access to it. So it's best to set a reminder.

Would you prefer a series on Netflix? Here we have something:

How good is Coda, is the movie worth it?

But is the film really worth it? There's a clear "yes" as an answer. Not only did "Coda" win three Oscars in total, critics and viewers are also enthusiastic about the coming-of-age film. It shows how 17-year-old Ruby Rossi, the only hearing member of her otherwise deaf family, masters everyday life and discovers her passion for music. It gets an 8.1 out of 10 on IMDb, and the critics on Rotten Tomatoes are even more raving – 94 percent on the tomatometer and 92 percent audience approval . In short: look! A real film highlight.


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