Mac users, listen up: What you should never do with Apple s new display

Mac users, listen up: What you should never do with Apple s new display

You treat yourself to a new and very expensive Apple Studio Display and you have to be careful if you don't want to accidentally and irretrievably destroy your investment. For Mac users, it is important to avoid making mistakes during cleaning as much as possible.

Apple Studio display: Mac users should be more careful when cleaning

Not only is the Apple Studio Display expensive, it also requires a specific way of cleaning. As with other Apple displays in MacBooks or iMac, a mistake should be avoided at all costs, Apple writes:

"Do not use acetone-based agents to clean the display screen."

Means: Simple glass cleaners and other aggressive substances should not be used, they damage the surface of the display - window or household cleaners, sprays, solvents, ammonia solutions, scouring agents or cleaning agents with hydrogen peroxide are taboo. Instead, Apple recommends a slightly damp, lint-free cloth . The emphasis here is on slightly moistened, i.e. not a wet rag (source: Apple). Special display or screen cleaners can be used, but must not be applied directly to the screen. Ergo: Put some of it on the cloth.

With prices starting at 1,749 euros, you shouldn't make any mistakes when cleaning the Apple Studio display:

Nanotexture glass: the prima donna of screens

If you have opted for the Studio Display with nano-textured glass, then normal screen cleaners are not an option either. Only the enclosed polishing cloth is used, other cloths are ruled out according to Apple. Also, this must not be slightly moistened with water. For stubborn dirt, Apple therefore recommends moistening the cloth with a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol solution (IPA) - anything else is prohibited.

After all, you can wash the polishing cloth yourself from time to time with detergent and water, but this good and expensive piece does not belong in the washing machine. Apple is now selling the cloth separately – a real bestseller, despite the high price of 25 euros (see Amazon).


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