fraenk: New customers and recommendations get 7 instead of 5 GB data volume

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fraenk is celebrating its 2nd birthday and has started a new campaign for it. New customers now receive 7 GB instead of the previous 5 GB data volume - for the same price of only EUR 10.00 per month.

fraenk seems to be very successful, they have already won 100,000 customers in two years. It could also be because everything is quite uncomplicated and is only processed via the fraenk app. And you can only pay for the whole thing via PayPal.

New customers can book the 2nd birthday campaign for themselves with the code fraenk2 , they will then receive 7 GB of data volume instead of the previous 5 GB. There is then LTE 25 with max. 25 Mbit/s as well as a telephony and SMS flat rate. You can always cancel this on a monthly basis.

Anyone who advertises friends for fraenk in "fraenk for friends" will also have their data volume increased. Here, too, there is 2 GB more permanent data volume per month. The promotion runs until June 30th.

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