{Disarmed} Xiaomi 12, analysis: a cunning David who wants to gain a foothold in a market full of Goliaths

Xiaomi 12, analysis: a cunning David who wants to gain a foothold in a market full of Goliaths

The day has come. After telling youour first impressions with one of the most anticipated phones of the year within the Xiaomi ecosystem , today we can tell you how our experience with the new Xiaomi 12 has been in great detail and after having been able to squeeze it thoroughly.

As you already know, this is presented as one of the most compact and powerful devices today, combining a size that many of us claimed in high-end devices in the Android territory with specifications of the highest level, so we are going to check it out. what is this little one capable of which, we already told you, not everything is good news.

Technical sheet of the Xiaomi 12



152.7 x 69.9 x 8.16mm
180 grams


6.28" AMOLED
120 Hz, Touch Sampling 480 Hz
FHD+ (2400 x 1080 pixels), 20:9
HDR10+, Dolby Vision, 1,100 nits Peak Brightness, 12-bit, and DisplayMate A+
Coated with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus


Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
adreno 730




128 / 256 GB UFS 3.1


50MP f/1.9, Sony IMX766, OIS, 1/1.28-inch
13MP ultra wide angle, f/2.4, 123° FOV
5 MP telemacro with focus 3-7 cm, f/2.4


32MP f/2.45


Fast charge 67W
Wireless charging 30W
Reverse wireless charging 10W


Android 12 + MIUI 13


WiFi 6
Bluetooth 5.2
usb type c


Harman Kardon stereo speakers
Dolby Atmos Certification
2600mm2 graphene VC liquid cooling
On-screen fingerprint reader


From 799 euros

Xiaomi 12 - 8+128GB Smartphone, 6.28

Xiaomi 12 - 8+128GB Smartphone, 6.28" 120Hz AMOLED Screen, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 50MP+13MP+5MP Triple Camera, 4500mAh, Blue (ES Version + 3 year warranty)

PVP in PC Components €799
Today on Amazon for €799.99 RRP on Xiaomi Spain €799.99

The joy of having an exquisite design in a phone usable with one hand

We did not hide it from you in our first impressions and we cannot hide it from you now: the design of the new Xiaomi 12 seems to us to be the best that the Asian firm has done throughout its short but intense history , and this device is capable of to combine a really beautiful aesthetic with a size that is close and very close to perfection for those users who like small phones.

Xiaomi 12 4

Undoubtedly, beyond the size itself, we have found the finish on its back quite remarkable, which is especially clean and always looks spectacular and, by the way, has made life much easier for us when it comes to capture the photographs that you are going to be able to see throughout this analysis, so it was plated by Xiaomi.

This back is finished in glass with a special coating that gives it an incredible matte appearance, being able to choose between black, blue and this pink color that personally seems very successful to us since it changes depending on the incidence of light something that, combined with a color-matched camera module, they make it a joy to take the phone out for everyone to see how good it looks.

Xiaomi 12 15

Where we do not find too many novelties is on the front, where a very well used panel has been chosen on the edge in which a hole is integrated in the upper central part to house its selfie camera sensor and a fingerprint reader in the part lower, which has worked ten for us, but we do think that it is perhaps too low for its use to be 100% comfortable, but apart from that we have not had any major problems and its operation is more than correct.

A detail that has also seemed successful to us is that of slightly curving the edges of both this front panel and the back, giving the phone a much more pleasant grip and making it even more ergonomic if possible, something that does not penalize angles at all. of vision of the panel, chromatic aberrations or even annoying reflections that usually have this type of solutions.

Xiaomi 12 29

Finally, we also want to tell you that we have one of the two speakers on the upper edge that we have on the computer and an infrared sensor for remote control of other gadgets , while in the lower part we find a USB type C socket, speaker and microphone and, of course, the usual dual SIM tray.

Despite its size, multimedia is not left out

We are not going to deny you, this was one of those points in which we had some doubts at the level of the capabilities that this device would be capable of offering, but nothing is further from reality, the Xiaomi 12 complies with a note in each one of the multimedia sections available.

To begin with, we really liked the performance of its double speaker, which is signed by the guys from Harman Kardon . Both the quality of the sound that it reproduces and the volume level are very well balanced, although be careful, since we are going to have to adjust its performance correctly from the phone's settings.

miui sound

To do this, in the MIUI settings we will find the sound section where we will have to activate the Dolby Atmos technology setting, something that we will have to combine with the sound equalization as long as we want to get an extra point from the performance of these speakers , which is indeed something we highly recommend.

And, how could it be otherwise, we have to talk about the panel that Xiaomi has incorporated into this terminal, which does not disappoint at all either. We have already highly praised the format that the phone itself presents and how comfortable it is to use and that is largely to blame for the screen, which not only has a practically ideal size for use with one hand, but also responds in a fantastic way.

Xiaomi 12 16

We are talking about an AMOLED panel with a diagonal of 6.28 inches with Full HD+ resolution, a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz and a touch sampling rate of 480 Hz, which makes a complete difference, since the response of this panel is a complete wonder, whether for everyday use or for playing.

It is true that we have noticed that in terms of its maximum brightness it is slightly below other high-end Android alternatives, but that does not prevent the screen from being displayed without any problem in conditions of direct light incidence, and that is its 1,100 nits of peak brightness does a fantastic job.

Of course, in the aspect that we are not so happy with is when using the automatic brightness of the device which, as usually happens in many of the latest Xiaomi phones, does not work as it should. We have especially noticed that in low light conditions it does not lower the brightness as much as we would like, so in the end we have to end up manipulating it manually.

Xiaomi 12 27

And this, as you know, is due to the fact that the device does not use a proximity sensor as other phones do , and that absence makes it difficult for the device to offer a good experience in this regard, although, yes, We have not encountered any errors when we hold the smartphone close to our ears to make a call or listen to audio from social networks , in that sense it has worked perfectly.

If the proximity sensor of your Xiaomi mobile fails, don't worry, you're not the only one
In xiaomist
If the proximity sensor of your Xiaomi mobile fails, don't worry, you're not the only one

In short, we are facing a multimedia pack that, although it is not as remarkable as other phones with a clearly higher price, we do think that it is up to the range to which it belongs, and it is greatly appreciated that it is so comfortable to hold. use thanks to the choice of such a compact panel, which is something we really missed in a high-end Android device.

Specifications and performance at the level of the best phones on the market

We already told you about it in his first impressions, and the one who warns is not a traitor. The hardware of this equipment is at the highest level , and it is that it mounts the best Qualcomm processor to date, the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 together with 8 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 128 or 256 GB UFS 3.1 storage, which makes that there is nothing that can resist this authentic beast.

Xiaomi 12 20

Of course, we must comment on a problem that we have encountered during our use, and that is that MIUI 13 quite clearly covers the performance of this terminal as the battery decreases, just as the processor heats up fairly quickly if we are performing tasks. demanding such as playing video games for a long time.

How have we solved this problem? Well, we have chosen to activate the high performance mode that Xiaomi offers us in the system settings, but we believe that this is something that should not happen in a device with these characteristics, and all this means that the battery performance drops quite a bit. faster than it does on other computers.

How to activate the high performance mode directly from the desktop of your Xiaomi phone
In xiaomist
How to activate the high performance mode directly from the desktop of your Xiaomi phone

With this adjustment, the throttling problems practically disappear completely, and that is where we have been able to verify that this equipment can handle everything we throw at it, from running highly demanding applications, to even being able to edit photos or videos with amazing ease. making it clear that whoever needs the highest performance will find it in this Xiaomi 12.

Xiaomi 12 31

And since we were talking about the performance of its battery with the high performance mode, we also have to talk about its performance on a day-to-day basis. First of all, let me tell you that at the level of figures this terminal has surprised us a lot given its size, and that is that it has a battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh, which we can recharge with a power of up to 67 W of power with the charger that included in the box or wirelessly at 30 W.

The first thing to say is that its charging system is a joy. In just over 30 minutes we will have its battery fully charged , something that it does by controlling the heating of the equipment very well, an aspect that is not usually at all common, but that the Xiaomi 12 has been able to regulate quite well in order to be able to conserve a lot better the useful life of it.

Xiaomi 12 18

And how is your autonomy? Well, we can tell you that its performance has surprised us a lot, and being very demanding with it, it has reached us with relative solvency at the end of the day. It is true that if we make intensive use of the device with photographs, video, use of GPS or gameplay it will not reach us, but in normal daily use the phone holds up without any problem.

In our case , its autonomy has always been around seven or eight hours of active screen with a high brightness, figures that have helped us to be able to solve a day from eight in the morning to twelve at night without major inconvenience, yes, always and when we do not demand anything out of the ordinary as we have just mentioned.

The good thing is that if we fall short, with a simple charge of 15 minutes we will have more than enough charge to complete the day, so Xiaomi has achieved a perfect balance between the autonomy that it is capable of offering with this equipment and a design compact that usually predicts poor battery performance, but this has not been the case at all.

Xiaomi 12 23

Finally, to close with this hardware section, tell you that, as expected, this terminal has the latest in terms of connectivity, having access to 5G networks , WiFi 6 , NFC to make mobile payments and even that sensor infrared that we were talking about before, all with outstanding performance and without loss of coverage or derived errors that may have arisen in our day to day.

MIUI 13 based on Android 12, a customization layer very short on news but that performs as expected

It is time to talk about the software of this Xiaomi 12 although, we already warned you, it is exactly the same as what we can find in a Xiaomi Mi 11 or similar devices that have the latest version of MIUI 13 based on Android 12 which, to tell the truth, Well that's great news.

miui 13

As we indicated in our review dedicated to MIUI 13 , aesthetically this version does not change practically anything with respect to previous versions of MIUI, but we have noticed a fairly important improvement in the general performance of the system, and it is something that is left notice from the first moment in this terminal.

MIUI 13, analysis: the software that (now yes) gives what it promises
In xiaomist
MIUI 13, analysis: the software that (now yes) gives what it promises

As a major novelty we find the integration of the shortcut sidebar that Xiaomi introduced in this version and some improvements at the security level. Beyond that, the truth is that the layer is not surprising at all, and that for many users can be a negative point, since we do not find differences between a phone with a fairly high value compared to any other mid-range that offers the brand.

miui 13 1

In our case, at least we have not come across any of the bugs that many users have reported in reference to different points of the system that are not displayed as they should , but what we did find is a significant amount of bloatware, which On many occasions, it causes tasks to be executed in the background that are useless and weigh down the experience with the computer, but it is something that can be easily solved by uninstalling it.

Xiaomi 12 cameras: surprising performance for good

To close with the analysis of the Xiaomi 12 we have to talk about its cameras, a section that to tell the truth we did not expect much, but we have to tell you that we have been surprised by a real outrage with a general performance that borders on outstanding.

Xiaomi 12 26

The first thing to comment on is its camera configuration which, at least on paper, does not surprise us too much:

  • 50 MP Sony IMX766 main sensor with f/1.9 aperture and optical stabilization
  • 13MP Ultra Wide Angle Lens with f/2.4 aperture and 123° angle of view
  • 5 MP Telemacro sensor with variable focus between 3 and 7 cm with f / 2.4 aperture

But do not be fooled by these specifications, since the cameras of this terminal perform fantastically in practically any situation , be it with good or bad lighting, also including the very random video mode that we are also going to talk about.

To start, we are going to comment on the performance of the 50 MP main sensor that leads this set which, to tell the truth, behaves in a fantastic way regardless of the lighting situation, but especially in good light conditions is where it really comes out to show off its power.

Photo Xiaomi 12 8
Photography with the main sensor of the Xiaomi 12

Photo Xiaomi 12 6
Photography with the main sensor of the Xiaomi 12

As you can see, we have a behavior of the dynamic range that is completely up to the best phones on the market as well as the level of detail, which is not lost in practically any capture, completely giving the feeling that it is very easy to take good pictures. with this device.

Photo Xiaomi 12 46
Photography with the main sensor of the Xiaomi 12

Photo Xiaomi 12 19
Photography with the main sensor of the Xiaomi 12

And this is something that is directly helped by the Cyber ​​Focus technology that integrates this new generation, with which we can capture photos almost instantly, always being in focus and with a result that has rarely seemed wrong to us, so the performance of this sensor is beyond doubt.

Photo Xiaomi 12 29
Night photography with the main sensor of the Xiaomi 12

Photo Xiaomi 12 37
Night photography with the main sensor of the Xiaomi 12

And something very similar happens in night photography, where we do recommend using the night mode to get the most out of it. As you can see in the images, the camera practically doesn't flinch and achieves a fantastic result, plus it doesn't take long to capture a correct exposure, which helps a lot to make the experience very complete no matter what type of user we are.

Five tricks to take the photos of your Xiaomi phone to another level
In xiaomist
Five tricks to take the photos of your Xiaomi phone to another level

And although the behavior of this sensor falls within what we could consider normal, something that we did not expect is that the Wide Angle sensor can offer the image quality that it offers in this Xiaomi 12, and that is that it certainly seems best that we have been able to test in the latest launches of the Chinese brand.

Photo Xiaomi 12 20
Photography with the Ultra Wide Angle sensor of the Xiaomi 12

Photo Xiaomi 12 5
Photography with the Ultra Wide Angle sensor of the Xiaomi 12

As you can see, we find a fairly high level of detail, with practically no aberration in the corners of the photograph and a processing that is very similar to that of the main camera , thus providing a very remarkable coherence between the two and, most importantly, having some captures that can be used without problems.

Photo Xiaomi 12 40
Night mode photography with the Xiaomi 12 Ultra Wide Angle sensor

Photo Xiaomi 12 28
Night mode photography with the Xiaomi 12 Ultra Wide Angle sensor

And something similar happens in night captures with this sensor where, although it does not perform as well as the main sensor, we do believe that it holds up very well , providing a more than worthy result and not showing clear errors of lack of details or aberration problems, without a doubt a lens that is a pleasure to use and that is not a step backwards with respect to the main camera.

Photo Xiaomi 12 43
Photography with the Macro sensor of the Xiaomi 12

Photo Xiaomi 12 42
Photography with the Macro sensor of the Xiaomi 12

Finally, we also want to talk about photography with the macro sensor, which has surprised us a lot. Not only because of the result that it produces, which is magnificent (as long as we have good light) , but also because it is equipped with an autofocus that works really well and is intuitive, producing high-quality photographs that look spectacular and attract a lot of attention.

Photo Xiaomi 12 14
Xiaomi 12 Selfie Photography

As for the selfie camera, we have a 32 MP sensor with an f/2.45 aperture that gives us simply correct results , although we have no major problem with it. Both in good lighting conditions and in low light the result is quite decent, with a very good HDR performance and can even use the night mode to slightly improve the results.

{"videoId":"x899v2f","autoplay":false,"title":"Prueba vídeo Xiaomi 12 en 4K 30fps"}

To finish, we also want to mention the video section, which is capable of reaching a maximum resolution of up to 8K at 24 fps (including 4K 60 fps) and, as is the case with the result of photographs, it is capable of provide a very remarkable level of detail, standing out above all the stabilization and focus , which leave us with a magnificent result either in good or bad lighting conditions.

{"videoId":"x89lxyz","autoplay":false,"title":"Prueba vídeo nocturno Xiaomi 12 en 4K 60fps"}

As you can see, even making video in night conditions, the sensor continues to offer a quality that is completely in line with the best on the market , and without a doubt it is one of those phones that comes very close to the quality that mobile devices are capable of offering. the top range of the Android territory.

Xiaomi 12, the opinion of xiaomist

We already told you about it at the beginning of this analysis, and it is quite difficult to hold on to that desire to speak well of this terminal, and it has seemed to us to be the most complete that Xiaomi has released in a long time.

Xiaomi 12 5

We know that the issue of size is very personal, but no one can deny that it is a real wonder to use such a compact and manageable device on a day-to-day basis , and that has made our perception of the team very good, although it has things to improve , like everyone.

Xiaomi 12 vs Xiaomi Mi 11: in-depth comparison to find out what has changed in the new generation
In xiaomist
Xiaomi 12 vs Xiaomi Mi 11: in-depth comparison to find out what has changed in the new generation

If you were thinking of buying it, we can tell you that it is a phone that does not fail miserably in anything: it is beautiful, very powerful, the battery is good and its photographic section is surprising, although it is in the small details that you are going to have to focus to have take into account what its main flaws are, although they will not make your experience weigh down.

Therefore, for our part, we can only applaud the great work that the brand has done with this phone, and hopefully more companies are encouraged to launch terminals with this level of comfort and that can offer the best in terms of performance. , bravo for Xiaomi.


Design 9.0
Screen 9.0
Performance 8.0
Camera 8.5
Software 7.5
Autonomy 7.5

In favor

  • Exquisite one-handed design
  • Top-notch photographic performance
  • An amazing battery


  • MIUI needs to be optimized
  • The lack of the proximity sensor continues to weigh down the experience
  • Performance drops are evident if we do not use it in performance mode

Xiaomi 12 - 8+128GB Smartphone, 6.28

Xiaomi 12 - 8+128GB Smartphone, 6.28" 120Hz AMOLED Screen, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 50MP+13MP+5MP Triple Camera, 4500mAh, Blue (ES Version + 3 year warranty)

PVP in PC Components €799
Today on Amazon for €799.99 RRP on Xiaomi Spain €799.99

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Xiaomi 12 news, analysis: a cunning David who wants to gain a foothold in a market full of Goliaths was originally published in xiaomist by Daniel Vega .


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