Big change at Schufa: cell phone buyers need to know that now

Big change at Schufa: cell phone buyers need to know that now

The Schufa is apparently taking a step towards mobile phone owners. After the elusive score of the credit agency customers often put a spanner in the works for no reason, you probably have an understanding. Anyone who owns a smartphone should no longer attract negative attention by changing their contract.

Schufa caves in: smartphone contracts no longer change negative criteria

The Schufa and their data collection frenzy are a hot topic for German consumers. No wonder, given that positive information is often enough required, whether for loans, major purchases, consumer or even rental contracts. When absolute nothingness ruins the creditworthiness, there can be a lack of understanding.

At least for a group that is often dependent on Schufa information, it should be easier. The Schufa no longer wants to take into account so-called positive data from mobile phone contracts for a credit report. Anyone who changes contracts and providers more often in order to save costs should not have any disadvantages . The bargain hunters among smartphone users can breathe a sigh of relief.

So far, frequent changes could be seen as an "indication of possible payment difficulties" (source: dpa via Merkur) and therefore cause problems for consumers. Apparently, owning several mobile phone contracts should no longer lead to a devaluation by the Schufa, as the credit agency announced on Friday. Only those who repeatedly fail to fulfill their payment promises should continue to receive a negative score due to the smartphone contract.

We also advise not to keep the same mobile phone contract forever for cost reasons:

Schufa change will affect many consumers

The board of directors of the credit agency had already announced that Schufa would be more open with its business in the future. In this regard, ending the use of positive data is arguably at least a good first step , albeit a specific one. It will benefit many who are listed with their financial data at the Schufa, but by no means everyone. It should also not be forgotten that you keep your finger on the details of the scoring algorithm. The Schufa does not want to be really generous.

It is still unclear whether the sale of the Schufa will also affect the business and the handling of the data of the Germans. However, several interested parties had announced that they wanted to ensure more transparency, as the consumer minister had also demanded.


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