Attention DHL customers! You don t stand a chance at the Packstation without an app

Attention DHL customers! You don t stand a chance at the Packstation without an app

For many customers, DHL has put an end to the practical Packstations that we were used to. If you still want to use the practical pick-up stations from April 1st, you have to be prepared for changes. The smartphone and the "Post & DHL" app will then become indispensable for practically all users.

With the Packstations, DHL has achieved a real hit with the public . Anyone who likes to shop online knows the yellow boxes that are often set up at petrol stations, supermarket car parks or other publicly accessible places. Ordering packages even though you won't be able to be reached at home when they arrive has become child's play for DHL customers.

Picking up parcels from the Packstation: Only with the "Post & DHL" app since April 1st

But something is happening with the parcel service: DHL wants to gradually make the joint app with Deutsche Post "Post & DHL" the focal point for customers. In any case, only registered DHL customers can use the Packstations as a delivery address. So far, the parcels that have been placed in the compartments can be picked up, all that is needed for this is the customer number and pick-up code, which is often sent by e-mail. Alternatively, parcels can also be removed directly using a customer card.

But the diversity ended on April 1: DHL is currently informing customers that the customer card will become obsolete. Instead, collection should only work via the app. Customers are informed here when a package is ready for them. A pick-up code is then also generated in the app, which you only have to have scanned at the packing station.

On the one hand, this is a practical innovation for many users. But if you don't want to be forced to install the app, DHL will leave you alone on the other side. Anyone who chooses the app should also know that once the pick-up code has been activated on their smartphone, there is no longer an email. This was also the case before April 1st. You must also register your smartphone in the app. Other app users should not be able to access third-party packages.

Parcel services in Germany in a big comparison:

Storage location: This is how DHL customers can still get their packages

However, one service will remain: anyone who finds a note from DHL in the mailbox in the future that a package has not been delivered and instead has been deposited at a Packstation should be able to use the code on the note to remove further packages.


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