Advertising lies on Android smartphones: the manufacturers just don t learn it!

Advertising lies on Android smartphones: the manufacturers just don t learn it!

It's time for a comment from the sidelines again. In the current issue of the xiaomist weekend column, I am annoyed at the reluctance of Android smartphone manufacturers. Those with brazen tricks still think they can gain an unfair advantage.

Admittedly, as an iPhone user, it's easy to gossip about the Android competition when it comes to chip performance. The Apple chips have proven to be really good at it and time and again put the fastest chips of the competitors in the shade - even convinced Android fans have to admit this without envy. But that's not my concern at all, I'm more annoyed by the persistent behavior of the desperate manufacturers, who are repeatedly convicted of trickery.

Android smartphones convicted of trickery... again

The most recent example is Xiaomi, which throttles certain Android apps, but they step on the gas in the benchmark. Of course, this creates an unfair picture of your own smartphones, because the theoretical performance is never available in practice. Of course, you can still adorn yourself with the impressive, but unrealistic benchmark results. Geekbench has had enough of that and throws various models out of the benchmark lists as a reaction. Not an isolated case, Samsung and OnePlus were also confronted with such allegations before and were warned accordingly.

Incidentally, such advertising lies and tricks in the Android market are not new. I didn't have to look far to find a related article by my colleague Peter Hryciuk from 2018 - Benchmark Scam: Another Smartphone Manufacturer Caught Cheating. At that time the focus was on Oppo and Huawei. In short: Almost everything that has rank and name has cheated properly at some point. From the point of view of the year 2022, I have to say: The manufacturers just don't learn it!

Some see it as just a pretty Android phone, but the truth is that the Xiaomi 12 Pro is quite a trickster:

But why are they doing this? Of course, the manufacturers only mean well with their customers. They want to protect them from falling cell phones because they overheated. That's good, but why is this obscured and not taken into account in benchmarks? Why do you have to boast about speeds there that don't last in practice? Because it looks better? It's just useless if you're caught cheating, as is currently the case. Naive and bold - a great combination.

My thoughts for the weekend: The column wants to provide food for thought and reflect on the "news flood" of the week towards the end. A small selection of previous articles in the column:

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Apple also had to learn

You could learn from your own misconduct and that of your competitors. Apple is an example here. A few years ago, they also had their very personal "throttle experience". At that time, it became public that Apple had been forcibly reducing the performance of the iPhone when the reduced battery performance no longer permitted corresponding performance peaks. Otherwise, the Apple cell phone will be forced to restart. After some back and forth, Apple then promised improvement, made the throttling transparent with the option to switch it off and exchanged the batteries of older iPhones at "cost price". Since then, no such faux pas has been made. Time for the Android competition to learn from this as well.


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