Xiaomi updates the MIUI gallery again with three important new features

Xiaomi has updated its Gallery application again and this time it has done so with three important new features, which although they do not improve its design, they do expand the possibilities of this app that has gradually become more complete .

On this occasion, as shown by MIUIes , Xiaomi has updated the Gallery application, specifically its editor, to version V0.7.5 . An update corresponding to MIUI 13, which for now we only find officially available for the Chinese ROM.

Three important novelties arrive at the MIUI Gallery

As we can see below, the Gallery app has added the " Video Clip " enhanced setting feature. Furthermore, it has also added a new " Magic Sky Change ", a new smart sky filter with day and night view.

Xiaomi actualiza de nuevo la galería de MIUI con tres importantes novedades. Noticias Xiaomi A

Likewise, Xiaomi has also incorporated a new pet clipping function into the gallery editor . Thanks to this we can cut out any dog ​​or cat from a photograph quickly and easily.

That if, apparently some of these novelties will only be available for certain devices , specifically for the mid-range and especially, much of the company's high-end. In a few days we will probably see them officially in the Global update.

via | MIUIes

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