Xiaomi puts up for sale a gaming table with an intelligent lighting system and automatic elevation

Xiaomi does not stop surprising us with new and interesting products. An example of this is the new gaming table that lands on Youpin , being compatible with the Xiaomi Home ecosystem in order to control its intelligent lighting system and regulate its height.

In itself we are facing a 120cm wide gaming table, with a metal structure made of steel capable of varying its height between 730-1,210mm . To do this, it makes use of two high-resistance motors and a small physical control center capable of storing up to 4 different heights.

Its surface is made of carbon fiber , which allows it to be highly resistant to heat, scratches, and corrosion. It is also equipped with a cup holder, a headphone holder, an anchor for plugs and a complete cable concealment system .

Xiaomi pone a la venta una mesa gaming con sistema de iluminación inteligente y elevación automática. Noticias Xiaomi A

But it does not finish here. Thanks to its WiFi connectivity we can regulate and customize its complete intelligent lighting system from Xiaomi Home . This also has several microphones in order to vary its intensity or vibrate to the rhythm of the music .

Price and availability

At the moment this new gaming table is only available on Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform . Even so, its price starts at 1,299 yuan, about 187 euros , and it is likely that we will see it on AliExpress in the future.

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