Xiaomi Hub Port can connect hundreds of smart home devices

Xiaomi gateway hub unveiled in China. The gadget will be launched on March 23 through a crowdfunding campaign. Xiaomi's latest smart home connection control center is able to connect hundreds of devices. The retail price of this device is 349 yuan (about $ 55), but during the financing period of the product that Xiaomi has described as the core of its smart home ecosystem, a discount is considered and the price is 309 yuan (about $ 50). Dropped.

Xiaomi Hub Gateway 4

Xiaomi Hub Port is a hub for various types of smart devices that allows you to receive instructions and scheduling information for an integrated smart home. This device is an interface for various smart home devices that creates a richer and more efficient application environment. Internal Bluetooth Mesh Gateway can connect 200 Bluetooth mesh devices and 100 Bluetooth devices at any time. The built-in Bluetooth signal booster at the Xiaomi Hub Gateway allows the device to receive Bluetooth signals remotely in the home area and connect multiple rooms to the system.

Hub management is achieved through the new local hub architecture at the Xiaomi Hub Gateway. This means that the devices on the local network are the same focused on one hub gateway, thus providing an automatic local connection for the devices in a family. According to Xiaomi, fluctuations in the external network do not prevent the performance of predefined hub port automation tasks. This device has a quad-core processing chip and 4 GB of storage space. Both wired and Wi-Fi connections are possible with the Xiaomi Hub Port, and multiple hubs provide backup.

Xiaomi Hub Gateway

As previously mentioned, the launch and financing of the Xiaomi Gateway Hub will start on March 23 in China for 309 yuan ($ 50). Other markets are likely to receive the Xiaomi Hub Gateway after launch in China.


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