Win OnePlus 10 Pro: Manufacturer rewards fans from the very beginning

Win OnePlus 10 Pro: Manufacturer rewards fans from the very beginning

For the European launch of the OnePlus 10 Pro, the Chinese manufacturer launched a special raffle. Anyone who still has an old OnePlus cell phone from 2014 can win the new flagship. A total of 33 copies of the OnePlus 10 Pro will be given away to the most loyal fans.

OnePlus 10 Pro: Raffle for OnePlus One owners

When OnePlus introduced the OnePlus One in 2014, there was a lot of excitement and media interest. Due to the artificial scarcity – an invitation was a prerequisite – not everyone who was interested in the first hour could immediately secure a copy. OnePlus has not forgotten exactly these first customers , as a new competition shows (source: OnePlus).

Anyone who still owns their OnePlus One after eight years can take part in a raffle. The OnePlus 10 Pro beckons as a prize , which will also be available in Germany on March 31, 2022 after a long wait. The IMEI number and the order number of the OnePlus One are required to participate. The IMEI can be found out, among other things, using a key combination on the cell phone (*#06#). The number is also listed in the order details in the OnePlus account.

The manufacturer would like to distribute 33 copies of the OnePlus 10 Pro to loyal fans. To participate, the OnePlus One must be briefly verified on the OnePlus website. This can be done from now until April 4, 2022 at 6 a.m. On this day, the winners will be selected at random and informed. In any case, participants should check whether the postal address given in the OnePlus account at the time is still correct today.

In the teaser you can see the OnePlus 10 Pro:

OnePlus 10 Pro costs 899 euros

In Germany, the OnePlus 10 Pro will apparently be available for 899 euros. This price appeared at MediaMarkt even before the official launch of the mobile phone. At 899 euros, the phone is on par with the Google Pixel 6 Pro and iPhone 13 . The Samsung Galaxy S22 started 50 euros cheaper.


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