WhatsApp: Blue ticks turned off - with good reason

WhatsApp: Blue ticks turned off - with good reason

An important change has been implemented in WhatsApp that affects the blue ticks as read receipts for messages. Many have noticed the problem, but in fact the change only implements something that was long overdue.

WhatsApp: Blue ticks for voice messages turned off

Perhaps some of you have already noticed. Previously, voice messages always displayed blue ticks as soon as the message arrived and was listened to. In this way, the sender could see directly whether the recipient had listened to the message - even if the read receipts had actually been deactivated . That is exactly what has changed . WhatsApp has not completely switched off the blue ticks for voice messages, but has put them on an equal footing with normal messages.

Accordingly, voice messages are now treated like text messages. If you have deactivated the read receipt with the blue tick, you will no longer receive a read receipt from your contacts . If you have deactivated the read receipt but want to see blue ticks for voice messages again, you must reactivate the read receipt in your account. But then the person opposite must also have activated the read receipt. Only if both parties have activated the function will the blue ticks appear again. xiaomist explains how this works in this article.

In this video you will get the best WhatsApp tricks:

WhatsApp plans further changes

A lot has been happening on WhatsApp lately. Although the new terms of use continue to cause controversy, a feature that has been wanted for a long time is about to be implemented. Namely, WhatsApp has created the possibility of using one account on multiple devices . The function has already been activated for some users. Officially, it is still under development.


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