WhatsApp: 6 new features announced

WhatsApp: 6 new features announced

A lot of information about new features for WhatsApp has been leaked in the past few weeks. Now the company has presented six new features. All relate to voice messages, which makes it much better.

WhatsApp makes voice messaging much better

Over the months, many details have been leaked about new features for WhatsApp that the company plans to introduce and launch at some point. Now is the time. WhatsApp has specifically targeted the voice messaging feature . Six changes will be implemented there, which will greatly improve the use of Messenger:

Play Outside Chat : Allows you to listen to voice messages outside of chat while reading or replying to other messages. Pause/resume recording : With this, you can now pause and resume recording voice messages as needed, e.g. B. if you are disturbed or want to organize your thoughts. Waveform visualization : This shows the sound of the voice message in a visual form, making it easier for you to follow the progress of the recording. Recording control before sending : allows you to listen to your voice messages before sending them. Play from last listened position : allows you to continue playing a partially heard voice message from where you left off when you return to that chat. Fast playback on forwarded messages : Allows you to play back your own and forwarded voice messages at 1.5x or 2x speed for faster listening. (Source: WhatsApp)

These are all really useful points that actually make voice messaging easier to use. In particular, the possibility of being able to listen to a voice message again before sending it or to pause when recording it should prevent endlessly long voice messages without clear content . Accelerated playback is also very helpful for people who speak slowly. All six new functions offer great added value.

More WhatsApp tips you should know:

When are the new WhatsApp features coming?

Mind you, this is not a beta test. WhatsApp plans to roll out all new features " in the coming weeks ". With more than two billion users, it will of course take some time until everyone is really taken care of. But the new features have been announced and should soon be available to all WhatsApp users.


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