Well hidden in the iPhone: Did you know? With this app you can see better

Well hidden in the iPhone: Did you know? With this app you can see better

Not all apps are directly accessible on the iPhone, some you have to look for. Even today, not every user knows that Apple has hidden a magnifying glass on the iPhone. But how can we open and use them in the simplest way possible? We'll tell you right away.

Of course, you could also simply abuse the camera app as a magnifying glass, but Apple's dedicated app of the same name offers more features than just simply enlarging the camera image with a zoom. But first we have to find the app magnifying glass, where is it?

Hidden App: Find Magnifying Glass in iPhone Fastest

The easiest and fastest way: We try the system-wide search in iOS, to do this we simply swipe our finger from top to bottom in the middle of the screen, and the input field for the search opens. Now we type the letter "L" and the magnifying glass is usually displayed as the first result - done. Also works on the iPad within iPadOS.

Alternatively, the magnifying glass can also be placed on the side button or in the control center . We explain exactly how this works in a separate article. In the meantime, however, we can also find the magnifying glass in another place, which is a real advantage. If you scroll to the last page, i.e. to the app media library , you should take a look at the "Utilities" category . The magnifying glass is now also hidden there. However, like any normal app, the app can now be moved out and placed directly on the home screen, for example (tap, hold and move) - useful.

Additional functions of the iPhone magnifier

Good to know: With the update to iOS 15.4, the magnifying glass now also directly uses the new macro capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro. For unknown reasons, Apple had so far failed to integrate this. The macro feature can then also be used together with the extended magnifying glass functions.

Another good tip:

For example, the brightness can be adjusted, the flashlight can be switched on or various color filters can be used. Of course you can also take a photo. This is not saved directly in the album, but can be shared and saved if you wish. All in all, the magnifying glass in the iPhone is quite practical, but like the code scanner, for example, it is somewhat hidden in the Apple cell phone. It's good if you know where to look.


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