The Roborock T8 robotic vacuum cleaner was launched with a suction power of 4200Pa

Xiaomi Roborock T8 vacuum cleaner was unveiled by Roborock in China. Roborak T8 is a dual-purpose robot that can sweep and clean surfaces. This device has a powerful suction of 4.2 kPa and can drain its contents in a 470 ml bucket. This device can also be programmed to clean specific rooms at any time.

Despite the high suction power, the Roborak T8 works silently and its output sound is only 63 decibels. According to Roborock, the vacuum cleaner is so large that it is emptied only six times a year. Roborak T8  Available in China with a starting price of 2295 yuan (about $ 361). After that, the price will return to its original value of about 2800 yuan ($ 440). This product is currently only available for pre-order.

Roborock T8 Robot Vacuum cleaner

Roborak T8 is able to cross obstacles up to 2 cm in height and its two brushes are designed to collect trapped dirt even in difficult places inside the room.

The T8 can be controlled via the user's smartphone via the app or using voice commands. In addition, the user can schedule the cleaning operation as he wishes. There are currently no details on the global availability of this product.


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